About Us


For more than 20 years, the Société des parcs industriels Sorel-Tracy (SPIST) has been developing industrial infrastructure to welcome businesses, promote their growth, and create jobs. The SPIST is a non-profit organization overseen by a board of directors whose members have diverse backgrounds and skillsets. 


The SPIST collaborates with various local organizations to support real estate projects that contribute to the region’s industrial and commercial development. 


Over the years, the SPIST has built a thriving industrial park with an enviable reputation. We draw on the expertise that we have gained to fulfil our role as a business partner of the shipping industry and, in doing so, stimulate economic development. 


The SPIST, in partnership with other economic players, acquires and manages buildings, sites, and infrastructure. 


The SPISTs goal is to provide the Sorel-Tracy city and region with real estate and maritime resources that are key to full industrial and economic development.


The SPIST’s affairs are governed by a Board of Directors that consists of seven directors: 


  • The mayor of Sorel-Tracy
  • Five representatives of the business community of the Pierre-De Saurel RCM
  • OneSPIST service user


The following are non-voting ex-officio members of the SPIST’s Board of Directors: 

  • The city manager of Sorel-Tracy
  • The legal counsel
  • The Richelieu member of the National Assembly (MNA) and/or the members representative
  • An observer for a specific mandate given to the SPIST
  • The SPIST’s top management

Sylvain Ayotte

Role: Account Manager, RBC 

Board position: Chair

SPIST - Conseil d'administration - Denis Plamondon

Denis Plamondon

Role:  User, Fabspec 

Board position: Vice-Chair

SPIST - Conseil d'administration - Sylvain Simard

Sylvain Simard

Role:  Former MNA and Minister 

Board position: Secretary-Treasurer

SPIST - Conseil d'administration - Serge Péloquin

Serge Péloquin

Role: Mayor of Sorel-Tracy

SPIST - Conseil d'administration - Claudine Couture Trudel

Claudine Couture-Trudel

Role: Director of Public Relations, QSL

SPIST - Conseil d'administration - Jules Colette

Jules Colette

Role: President, Gersol

SPIST - Conseil d'administration - Carine Daneau

Carine Daneau

Role: President, Construction -Cam


Two major events led to the creation of the SPIST: the municipal merger of Sorel and Tracy, and the 2001 Quebec government grant of $21 million to stimulate the Bas-Richelieu’s development.


  • The Corporation de développement des parcs industriels et du port de Sorel-Tracy Inc. is created 
  • Alstom’s lands are acquired and decontaminated 
  • The project to dredge the mouth of the Richelieu River begins (to date, two main dredging operations and five maintenance dredging operations have been carried out)
  • An agreement is implemented with Sorel-Tracy to support and maintain a regional infrastructure
  • June 2001: The Ludger-Simard industrial park opens
  • June 2002:The Korhani premises open
  • Land on Poliquin Boulevard is bequeathed to the SPIST
  • A partnership is formed to acquire the Atlas stainless steel plant, maintain the buildings, dismantle and sell the equipment, and resell the plant to QIT Fer et Titane


  • The SPIST takes a political stance on the impact that tax benefits granted to resource regions have on the industry
  • The SPIST invests in the regional economic intervention funds of Bas-Richelieu (FIER-Bas-Richelieu)
  • The Ludger-Simard industrial park is developed—a new street is constructed, building 69 is upgraded, and, using dredged sediments, a hillock is built along St-Roch Road
  • An environmental risk management plan is created following Technicité’s bankruptcy


  • The SPIST enters into an agreement with the local development centre (CLD or Centre local de développement) for management and administrative support
  • Building 12 for Alstom is constructed
  • The lease of Sorel-Tracy’s docks is coordinated (2013—2019)
  • Support is provided to the Bad Blood II film crews on the docks and site
  • The docks’ potential for new business development is assessed
  • 2014 – the SPIST gets a new name: Société de développement économique Sorel-Tracy (SDE)
  • A collaboration agreement is established for Sorel-Tracy’s industrial port area


  • The SPIST helps develop Sorel-Tracy’s industrial port area
  • A new dredging order is obtained for the mouth of the Richelieu River (2017—2027)
  • Research is conducted on sediment recovery
  • A study is conducted on ways to increase dock 10’s load-bearing capacity