Building 69 – 1800 rue Émile-Bernard

The main building owned and managed by SPIST is building 69, a three-story structure whose 136,401-square-feet floor space is currently almost fully occupied. The first floor includes large-capacity workshops, numerous elevators, and unloading docks. Several companies have their offices in the building. An additional floor will be available as soon as the major work in progress is completed

Stitched Panorama

Building 12 – 1500 rue de la Marine

SPIST - 1 500 rue de la Marine

Constructed in 2018, building 12 has a surface area of 55,234 square feet and includes 10 elevators, a compressor system, three dual electrical terminals, and great office space and employee service area. 


This top-quality industrial building will be available as of January 31, 2022. For more information, contact our team today at 450-742-5933 ext. 223.

Building 39 – 1605 rue de la Marine

Building 39 stands out for its size and technical features. Originally built to manufacture naval vessels, this 52,000-square-foot building boasts a beamless interior workshop with ceilings over 65 feet high. The building’s technical features keep it versatile and highly attractive. 


Stella-Jones Inc.’s new whitewood and composite wood distribution centre moved into the building in summer 2021.

SPIST - 1605 rue de la Marine - PILS




The five docks in the Ludger-Simard industrial park total more than 2,600 linear feet. They are strategically important for the SPIST’s positioning and provide business opportunities to its users. The docks are mainly used to moor ships.



SPIST - PILS - Voies ferrées vue aérienne

The northwest area of the Ludger-Simard industrial park includes two private and certified tracks served by the CN railway. As with the docks, companies operating on the SPIST’s premises have access to these tracks.